Blonde Microbeads


Microbeads for Weft Bundles



Product Description

RHUE® Microbeads are expertly designed with silicone lining for lasting strength ensuring no slipping or fraying of the hair. Used to install Weft Bundles, the micro bead hair extensions method is the cleanest and safest method of hair extension application. 


How to Install Microbeads

To install microbeads / weft hair extensions, you will need a RHUE® Weft Bundle, a Metal Loop Threader and Pliers 

Step 1: Simply load your microbeads onto the loop threader

Step 2: Pull hair through the loop and guide a single microbead to the top of the loop threader looping the hair through the bead

Step 3: Clamp the bead flat with your pliers and voila!  


How to Remove Microbead Hair Extensions

To remove microbeads / weft bundle hair extensions, you will need RHUE® Pliers — Simply clamp the pliers the opposite direction of the bead and gently slide it off your hair!